welcome to graphixfix.

graphics by 2bass.

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welcome to graphixfix. graphics by 2bass.
to twoincolour.
however, i'm not sure yet how permanent this move will be, and this community will continue to be updated with links to the posts at twoincolour, so feel free to friend both journals. who knows, i may be back soon, haha.

this is the graphics journal of 2bass. here, you will find all my graphics, as well as screencaps, tutorials, and a place to make requests. my graphics are focused mainly on supernatural, as well as various actors and movies. all the entries are organized by tags, so if you're looking for something specific, that's the best place to look. i'm always open to taking requests, so don't be afraid to ask! my request post can be found here.

awards post.
current layout: supernatural/j[suqared] [graphics by 2bass, layout code by winston01]

credit 2bass; no hotlinking; comment if taking anything; feel free to ask for tutorials, but please be specific as to which icon/style; do not alter; and most importantly, enjoy!

21astound; alienating; franken_stein;
krinklegraphics; fuyu_icons; eat_my_icons;
leaf_icons immobulus_icons whatever_stuff
superpancakes; glassballerina; 808icons.
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